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Burnt Red Cosmic Sunshine 133-111-544 (Hole Drawing – Solar Elevation and Azimuth Recordings, Baltimore)

Holes in wall arranged using data from elevation and azimuth of sun as recorded in Baltimore over course of a year. A year of setting and rising suns alludes to the passage of time, and the ephemeral specificity of a particular day in a particular place. Stratigraphic layers of paint are revealed in the distressed wall.

Elevation and azimuth readings are used to compute the far more mysterious measurements of deep space and the relation of one celestial body (sun) to another (earth). Triangulation is also a metaphor for the creative process: oblique combined strategies to solve conceptual or aesthetic problems.

The title is excerpted from True Value Hardware Paint Color Names. 

Paint, holes in wall, 77 x 111 inches, 2012

From the exhibition What Comes Later. Read exhibition catalog here.