Coming Storm

From the exhibition Fractious Happy, at the Delaware Center for the Creative Arts, 2009.

Encaustic, plaster, gouache, paint on wall, 10’ x 12’, 2009.

The third wall, painted a dark Mediterranean teal, features a throng of black and colored wax-covered plaster disks.  Originally trained as a painter, Harvey credits the palette and the mood of this wall installation to the still-before-the-storm in Martin Johnson Heade’s Approaching Thunderstorm (1859). Abstracted with the energy of upward clustering, the ominous sobriety of the black disks is lightened by the pops of color lifted from the greens, yellows, and reds in the cited painting.

-Excerpted from the exhibition essay by Carina Evangelista, Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary Art, DCCA, Full curatorial statement here.