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Two person exhibition with Aurora Robson. Co-curated by Tara Gladden and Elizabeth Kaufman.

Works are made with trash collected on walks and from daily life as well as plants collected from Eastern Shore, Maryland.

-Salisbury University, Maryland, 2018

This exhibition is a thought piece on the troubled current state of our nation; the jarring mix of extremes from venal, insular, and corrupt, to decent, visionary, and humane. Behind it all: the slow inevitable forces of nature and geologic time which ultimately engulf and obliterate the best and worst of humanity.

The first installation, Hard to say, to acknowledge, to see (a history of the immoral), is informed by a futurist, fascist-authoritarian aesthetic.

The second installation, Whatever happens, things are going to get wilder, and wilder, and wilder, combines trash from daily life in makeshift collaboration with natural processes. An old television is converted into a grow light for nearby plants.

Curatorial statement by Tara Gladden and Ellizabeth Kaufman: